September 30, 2010

“Hey can you raise an incident in team track?”
“Yeah,” I use Jeffrey’s account.

“Kay, let me check something.” She came over.
“Is the Fix Description field Editable?”, she asked.
“Uhmmm….” (It was greyed out.)
Andre said, “Yeah, the fixer fills it in after the incident is sent to him.”

She looked at him and smiled ok. I was looking at her over the partition. Eyeshadow, a hint of blush. I’ve seen it all before. Her hair is clipped up behind her, her ponytail falls in curly splashes on her back. This is memory at work, but at that moment at my seat, I can only see her eyes over the partition. And a business smile, thank you for your information, I will return to my laptop and mute silence and the occasional exchanged glance. The game we play where we wonder who blinks first and who looks away and we read into that and wonder. Or when I stand up and stretch and drink from my water bottle, and I tell myself I am only stretching when I am preening.

Ah sorry, another thing, could i check the Valid Defect Field. She came over again. Dangerously close. I breathed her in. I clicked on the dropdown and pushed the mouse slightly towards her. She moved in closer to take the mouse, just beside my face and looked at the monitor. I didn’t budge. I tingle at the centimetre closeness. Her cheek is close to mine. I move back slightly. Andre must be picking this up, but I’ll let him think whatever he wants.

“Hmm, could you give me a screenshot of that?”, she said.


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