Nineteen 10™

Nineteen 10™ brings you the best of high altitude fine dining. Nowhere else will you enjoy views of bedok reservoir, luscious greenery, and a boy’s reformation home.

We are proud to present the latest fixture in Singapore’s cosmopolitan dinner scene, and ask that you clear your schedules for Sibling Saturdays. Are you a jaded diner who’s seen and tasted everything except the kitchen sink? Fret no more and come down for this Saturday’s Cook-Off to end all Cook-Offs. It isn’t personal, it’s forever.

Nineteen 10™ understands that the discerning diner does not bother with everyday trifles such as money. We insist that you bring nothing of the sort. However, do bring along brutal honesty, the kind that leaves any civility at the door.

The Stakes cannot be any higher. The loser leaves with hurt feelings, less money to shop at Forever 21, and will have to stop parading in leather clothing and asking for “opinions”. The victor gets bragging rights to last till at least Chinese New Year and a bounce in the step that will last forever.

Your vote matters. Decide who gets to be the sole survivor, and who gets to be voted off the island, only at Nineteen 10™.


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