Creating a Vision

Project 3: Get to the Point

One question has long intrigued and perplexed me. What makes me come alive? It’s a good question, because the world needs more people who have come alive. The answer – vision. How do I write this vision statement, improve it if needed, and use it to inspire myself? Looking about this room, I see a good number of you who are wiser than I am. I see a good number of people who are different. I do not presume to tell you this is the answer for you, but this is what I have found works for me, and I would like to share it with you.

I knew that my vision statement had to be emotional. Yesterday, I caught myself daydreaming about the macbook air. I imagined becoming sexier, more creative, smarter. Life in short, would be magnificent.  I wondered why I associated these qualities with the Macbook air. Steve Jobs has created a compelling brand vision and imbued it with emotions. I wanted to harness this emotional power for myself. So the first lesson is that, my vision has to be emotional.

It also has to be positive and in the present tense.  Whatever we focus our attention on grows. A bad example is this: I will lose the spare tire I have around me that makes me feel sluggish and tired. Instead, I am achieving a healthy optimal weight that looks great and feels vibrant. Keep it positive and in the present tense.

But these attributes merely make a good vision statement. How do I turn it from being merely good to great? This is how: read your vision everyday. As you read it, imagine it as if it is already real.

Notice your gut reaction to the vision? Give it a few days. Continue to read it everyday.

Sometimes, the problems with your vision are so deep it’s best to throw out the whole vision and start over from scratch with a totally different direction. That’s ok. A vision that feels off will never work, because the negative feelings will block you from making it real. Better to discard a vision that disagrees with you and find something that actually works.

Another possibility is that as you imagine your vision, your mind will begin to tweak it in different ways. Keep modifying it until you feel that the vision is right for you.

One possibility is that it feels right to you. You know you want it. You’re practically lusting after it. That’s great. This vision is a keeper. Continue to read it everyday to inspire yourself. This will help to imprint the vision onto your subconscious. Within a month or less you’ll see evidence that this vision is already becoming real for you.

Read your vision every day and use your gut reaction to tweak your vision until it feels right.

Let me show you what my vision looks like. This then is how I inspire myself. My vision is positive, emotional, I keep it in the present tense. Every morning, I read it.

At first our dreams might seem impossible. But if we create a vision, and if we read it everyday. We start to notice things everyday that make it seem only improbable. And as things start to shift  and we take decisions with those dreams in mind and take action towards those dreams, these dreams become inevitable.


One thought on “Creating a Vision

  1. So true on the Vision. Having too many at the
    Same time didnt work for me, trying to just
    Focus on one. Good luck to you Tim.

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