For My Mother

For My Mother

Dear Mom,

We have our differences. I do not want to smooth over them and say that they do not matter to me. On the contrary, these differences cut straight to who I am. I dearly believe in my values because they define who I am. However, it is ok if you do not believe in them. I do not expect everyone to agree with my values.

More importantly however, these differences pale in comparison to a deeper idea. Love. I want to tell you that, whatever our differences may be, whether we resolve them or not, I love you unconditionally. This love goes beyond words and arguments. It simply is. You are my mother and I am your son. Nothing can change that. Nothing can change the dinners that you prepare for me every evening. Nothing can change how you would tuck me in to bed when I was small and how you would lovingly say good night to me at 9pm. Nothing can change the pride I felt (and still feel) when I was at a primary school meet-the-parents session and my friends saw you dressed up and said, “wah is that your mother?”

I wrote this letter intending to defend myself. But words are so much talk. This is an idea that I am struggling with myself – there is no “right” or “wrong”. In the end, there can only be love. On this there is no need for argument. Every day, you show me what love is. Merry Christmas.

Your son,


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