bottle it up

Do you read a lot? Ah, not really. I didn’t buy anything at kino actually, I buy more of my stuff at Amazon, cause my friend has this vPost offer, do you know what vPost is? I went on and on about vPost while she gave me a blank look and a polite smile. I thought I had blown it. Here I was supposed to DHV, but I ended up rambling about vPost.

You have calluses on your hands. She took my hand and peered intently at each fingertip. What, are you trying to see if there’s musical talent in me? Sort of. Methodically, she inspected each fingertip in turn, first the fingers on the left hand, then the ones on the right hand. If she was gaming me, she was certainly succeeding. Your fingerprints are almost circular, but lop sided, and … It means you’re a friendly person. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I kept silent.

Low and Slow she intoned. I cracked up. I tried it, “Low and Slowww”. It sounded whiny and high pitched, like something that would come out from a nervous pimply teenager. She shook her head. “Low and Slow” I tried again, trying to muffle my laughter. It wasn’t working.

We found the bus stop, but my bus didn’t take this route. I said this would do fine since I could switch buses later, but she insisted it would be more convenient if I took my bus. I paused, wondering whether to leave her or to insist on staying. She must have sensed my perplexion, and said she could take my bus as well. We began to walk back to where we came from when suddenly, she ran gleefully across the road, and laughed, come on. I ran along behind her and wondered if I could capture that twittering laugh and bottle it up.


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