Being Judged

So, between the two, who would you go out with if you had the chance?
I made a show of thinking, and paused for the longest time.
Come on, you already know the answer, you just don’t want to be judged.
I smiled weakly in protest and uhmmed some more.
Why do I care so much what people think? I confess: I want to be liked. It would prove my self-worth to myself. But this is a fickle source of affirmation, a dangerous popularity contest. If my value comes from how I look, how funny I am, or my job, what happens when I no longer have any of these things. Finding affirmation in simply being who I am seems to betoken stagnation. Is it possible to combine the two, external and internal affirmation? Then, there are also worthier goals to pursue instead of winning a popularity contest.
When we find a person that accepts us for who we are, we have the best of both worlds, and we find love.

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