Stick it in my chest

If I were Japanese
I would surely stick a knife in my chest 
or my gut and
draw a line across 
as naturally as there are lines in a spreadsheet
only a man with samurai blood 
could have the strength
to plant a knife in his chest
like a knife slots into a kitchen block
and the consideration
to slump over in the hotel shower room
the Singaporean cannot shoot himself or anyone else
he can choose to jump off a hdb flat, like killer litter
perhaps breaking a few bamboo poles along the way
he can throw himself before an MRT train
and force the commuters to take the shuttle instead
if he is more considerate
he can smoke two additional cigarettes in his yellow box
eat hundred dollar steaks smothered in mash whenever he can afford it
or pull late nights in the office everyday for two years
I would rather stick a knife in my chest

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