Voluntary Simplicity

Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul

Mark Twain

Voluntary Simplicity is about living simply and finding joy in the things I take for granted. It is recognizing that happiness does not come from buying things that I am told I need.

I want to live differently.  I will not be chained to a job that deadens me. I want to wake up and feel that I can spend my day doing anything I please; I want to feed my spirit, expand my soul. I feel my ignorance keenly. I want change. This will require principled action.

To be truly free, I must get rid of everything that I do not need. The pursuit of things can only distract me from my goal of freedom.

I will need to invest wisely. I must live within my means.

I want to focus on Voluntary Simplicity and my struggle to live a life of my own – not someone else’s life. Inevitably, all my questions require me to question social convention. Inevitably, I must come up with my own answers.

What I fear most is the man that goes to work, comes home, and watches television. We might even imagine him to be content, in a drugged, apathetic way. If questioned, he might shrug and observe, “What more does life have to offer!”

Plenty, if we only first think for ourselves.


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