working on a saturday

I was snoozing fitfully on the bed, setting back the alarm every 10 minutes, but checking every 5. But I had to wake up eventually, and I got up wondering whether to skip breakfast or not. While I’m grinding flaxseed, mom comes into the kitchen. She probably has good intentions, but she irritates me nonetheless. "Kor is eating again", she tells the dog, but I am in no mood to engage in meaningful conversations that meander through guarded small talk, the family budget, nostalgic remembrances of how tough life was back then, and ending with a neat summary, a packaged self-help lesson to take home. I close the door abruptly, change into jeans and the shirt I wore yesterday, and walk out. She notices tells me to change into the grey one. "Dirty boy, what do people think?" I ignore her, and I say goodbye in a cold, civil tone. She doesn’t reply, she might not have heard me. I leave in a dark mood.

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