“He suffers the lack of self-doubt common in former McKinsey consultants.”
Theroux wrote – I reviewed my small victories, I replayed my major embarassments, I rehearsed witty comebacks hours after I had been bested.
I might use it in future when a witty comeback is not past due, or when some anecdote needs a punchy description. It is playful because I might know something of the topic, and I can smile knowingly as a pretense.
"Theroux … has the patience to delay the moment when the mind can no longer calmly observe and rashly commits itself to streamlined answers and silly pet theories about what one sees and what it ‘really’ means."
When writing, I try to extract the essential,  but I have not succeeded lately, or perhaps at all. I have become impatient and lazy. I have lost that easygoing familiarity with words. Patience is required to chew on the experience before swallowing, patience I do not have.
On the 12 bar blues front, G7 to C9 sounds interesting. Would it sound better on a les paul ?

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