books for sustenance

I was at Borders, at the M aisle. I picked out a few books and idly read the back cover copy.

Confessions of a Mask, about a boy struggling with his homosexuality. Hagakure, the samurai ethic, one of its precepts being the dual pursuit of the pen and the sword. Mishima certainly held himself up to that. His thoughts only made up a few pages of the booklet.

There was still Sun and Steel, about Mishima’s decision to take up the language of the flesh, but that I would have to get over the internet.

I walked out empty handed, and saw someone with a plastic basket in one hand, and a book in the other. He was reading the cover, considering whether to get it. The plastic basket looks nicer than the ones you see in NTUC, but I was still amused at the association. There were a few books in the basket, so he must have been hungry.


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