advice for those who are just starting out

The table-top was glowing from the soft yellow-orange lighting built beneath it. I leaned against it very self-consciously.

I talked to Y only to break the monotony of looking, but my heart wasn’t in it. She met some friends and they were introduced perfunctorily. 

She introduced me to Raul, made some excuse and left. I certainly couldn’t dance with him, so we were going to talk about something.

"What do you think of the band?" I couldn’t think of something to say. I don’t know. He said something I suppose was ironic and gently mocking, but I couldn’t hear him and nodded, giving him a noncomital look which he returned with something equally incomprehensible. I wondered if he had caught me, but I didn’t care. He motioned cupping something with his hand and drinking it, "… gonna get something to drink" and left.

It can be intimidating to someone just starting out.
You know what the secret is? No one gives a shit. Just go out there and ask the most beautiful girl you see to dance. It’s the only way you get better.


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