polite smile

A polite smile is when you miss what someone else said
you can’t be bothered to ask.

when there is too much silence,
that is when you must watch out
for that is when polite smiles appear

a polite smile for when you mean no harm and want to show it
no other way for two strangers but to
start with a polite smile
and with that out of the way
maybe become friends

you should be saying something maybe
you can’t think of anything else
polite smile instead

So full of lies
polite smile
how was your day?
polite smile
what did you have for lunch?
polite smile

it rained on me as I walked back home
how appropriate i thought
and I smiled that god
should rain on my parade

at nothing in particular
I smiled
it sent a chill of pleasure
as I closed my eyes and
smiled at nothing
just savouring the rain


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