I am too old for batman

I think movies are a tiresome excuse to hang out. If people want to hang out, they should skip the movie and chill at a coffee place instead. I just watched Batman and thought it was so-so. I need something like American Psycho to make me sit up and pay attention. I don’t know what it is about the movie that appeals to me. The blatant sex. The gore. The seed of obsession that I identify with. The nihilism. The non sequiturs that keep you guessing what it all means. I’ve tried the repeatability test on it, but I did not manage to finish it the second time round. Or a movie can take the other route and do it like 300, with stylized action scenes of the hopelessly outnumbered forces of sparta, representing all that is good and beautiful in the civilized world (and definitely looking the part), versus overwhelming persian hordes and odds.

I need to identify with the problem that the character is dealing with. Didn’t Colin Cheong talk about connecting with readers? If the movie presents a problem that the viewer can identify with, present it in an interesting manner, maybe by shocking the viewer (sex, violence), and making the viewer think (non-sequiturs), then the movie has done a good job. The movie has taken something important, a complexity, and given it a flesh and blood relevance. A problem is no longer abstract if a real person is dealing with it in the movie. On the other hand, if a movie wants to be mindless action, then it must compete on how well it can portray gore, and 300 managed to do that well.

I think its really cool how you can read stuff or innocuously bump into ideas on seemingly disparate things and then one day when you’re thinking about things, it all comes together when you try to explain something.


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