Mid-Aug Progress Report

After a week of poor nutrition, my weight dropped to 81 last Saturday morning, about 3kg less than it was a week before. I approached 115 on the bar with self doubt. I hadn’t been eating right. I didn’t feel particularly well on Wednesday morning. All signs pointed to the squat failing spectacularly. 115 on the bar might as well have been 200. After the first rep, I knew I was beaten. I pushed through the first set, but bailed out after the eighth rep on the second set. On Tuesday, 140 on the deadlift also felt a lot heavier than before. I was struggling on the last reps of the first set. My back totally rounded on the last rep of the second set. I’ve been chilling around at home more this week, and my weight’s back up to 86 at night. I have decided to cut back to 2 sets of 8 reps for the squats and deadlifts. I will be learning how to avoid burnout, balancing on the edge just 1 or 2 reps shy of failure.

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