progress report: what I have learnt and what is in store

I think the next challenge training wise will be to fit training into a working lifestyle.

How I will look back with nostalgia at the past two months spent dedicated to training. I think the stars aligned on this one. Almost perfect nutrition, more cardio than ever before, no stress, lots of sleep. I only had to show up to be guaranteed of great lifiting. I used to hate cardio, but I know better now. I do not love it, nor do I hate it, I just need to do it, like brushing my teeth when I get up in the morning. I’ve always been fascinated by the parallels between training and success, in its most general, self-help book sense. I just ramped up my cardio gradually until I was at 40mins 5 times a week and decided that was a good number to stop at. I learned how to low bar squat the wrong way, without reducing the weight lifted and slowly ramping back up, but escaped unscathed. I learnt that Sean Toohey was correct, that if you eat lots of clean foods, you minimize fat gain. I find that the more I eat clean foods, the more unpalatable junk becomes. I just do not have a desire to eat any junk. Nor do I deny myself the occasional cheat meal. I think balance is needed here, and with experience, you become better at deciding how much cheating is acceptable. I think it is also about playing with your mind, using auto-suggestion to associate junk with unpleasantness. I split squats and deads for the first time and have learnt that it works. You have to go by feel and decide for yourself when might be a good time to split your routine. I have dropped to two sets, and will drop to 1 work set in the future.

When I begin to work, I will have to cut training to twice a week, squeeze a workout after work, and have another one on the weekends. Squats and deadlifts will be reduced to once a week. This long period in between would normally make me wary. However, David Maurice recommends this routine after the foundation routine, and I have full confidence in him. I will probably row in the mornings before work, and in fact, I think this does more for health and vitality than my workouts. After running to east coast last saturday with lynn, I think adding an east coast run on the weekends would be refreshing. A sea breeze, people to look at, and an mp3 player, makes for good runs. Training twice a week sounds manageable, but getting quality nutrition will prove harder. I do not imagine being able to gain weight unless I quaff protein shakes at work, which I abhor. I prefer using natural foods. It will also be a rush making breakfast in the morning and choking everything down.

I think a good weight to settle at would be 90kg. Frank Zane was 180 to 200 pounds in contest condition. It might be fun to push to a 100 just to say that I’ve been there, done that, but I imagine that will be years in the making.


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