hat throwing day

It was more entertaining than I thought it would be, probably because of the wave of happiness I have been feeling recently. Inside I was gleefully gossipping with gerard about who was doing what. And hu rong, Finance PhD-in-waiting, gave me a mini lecture on the dodginess of land banking. She has her own place on the west coast. I always talk to her in that embarassing mixture of Chinese and English, too inept to settle on chinese, too solicitous to settle on english. Then, there was the jaw dropping valedictory speech when mingguang thanked that special woman. The screen flashed to her sitting in the front row, taking a picture. There was hong and janny giving an interview, both called up by Ida to tell everyone what a wonderful time they had in NUS. The presenter ended with some pleasant inanities and a very bright smile.

The photographer said the trick is to look at the camera while throwing your hat upwards. Hell, I’m not going to lose a hat. Poor shi hui lost her hat.

After the hat throwing photo, I milled about taking pictures. People I’m not that close to suddenly become bosom photo buddies. Plastic smiles don’t tell he’s actually treated you to watermelon juice in the canteen, whether all your conversations began and ended in a tutorial room, or whether they ended the day both of you handed in your project report. With each familiar face that flitted past, I wondered which category each belonged to.

I spied Yap Chee Meng talking with a group of unfamiliar faces in a corner. Briefly entertaining the thought of a picture, but quickly rejecting the notion (he belongs to the project report category), I sneaked back to my parents and said that we were done, time for lunch. Suddenly, Yap came out from nowhere and asked me how I was.

“Come, let’s take a photograph with my beloved (emphasis) professor”

Both of us thought that was funny. Of course he asked me what I was doing, and I told him about the wednesday morning deadline I had to meet.

“You know how I am with deadlines”

After taking two photos, I left with a promise to email him what I will finally amount to. Both of us think that will be interesting reading.


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