diet breakdown

Ever since I ditched Intermittent Fasting, my appetite has gone through the roof. That is always a good sign, it reminds me of when I just started. Even as I type this, I’m still a bit hungry. I’m about 83kg right now.

12pm: 400g veg
2pm: 100g ground flax
3pm: 120g brown rice, 1 can tuna, 250g chicken breast, 4 eggs
8pm: 120g brown rice, 3 eggs, miscellaneous dinner at grandma’s
9pm: 1 green apple, some strawberries
11pm: soon kueh, 100g brown rice, 1 can tuna
2am: half loaf cedele walnut bread, 4 eggs, some slices of honey baked ham
all washed down by 2 litres of milk throughout the day

excluding the soon kueh, cedele bread, and misc dinner, that’s about
430g carbs, 360g protein, 140g fat
4420 calories
39% carbs, 33% prot, 28% fat

That looks like a lot of food, I’m probably exceeding 5000 calories.

29/7/08: I just noticed that those are remarkably similar to Zone ratios.


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