July Progress Report

I feel that it might be good just to see in writing what has been happening training wise. This might possibly evolve to a monthly update, but we’ll see.

Lately, I have decided to alternate weekly my rowing and jogging. Rowing 40mins a day 5 times a week had made my elbows click when I extended them, so I will alternate with jogging 20mins x 5 / week. Sometime in the future I might even add cycling or swimming. Not only triathletes can have their toys, eh? Running wise, I have recently been able to deliberately flex the hamstring in the POSE drills, and more importantly, translate that action into actual running. However, I can feel my right much better than my left, so will still have to work on that. Where deliberate hamstring flexion is concerned, Pony and COS is also harder than tapping. It does seem to be helping with running speed, as I ran simpang at 20:10 today without pushing too hard. I realise that I have been shitting myself when I belittle marathoners, because I doubt I could finish one without possibly losing cartilage, an ACL, and no small amount of pride.

My squats and deadlift are at PR levels, but squats were helped by switching to a low bar position which stresses the wrists much more, especially my right, but gives much better leverage. An added benefit of the low bar is that the traps get a workout too. I go down and try to get straight back up quickly, no sense in spending time in the hole. I have also not been sitting back as much as that overly fatigues the lower back. Knees have been caving in, and I may even be doing a good morning to get the weight up. Will video to check form issues. 110kg is no longer even an issue, and even the 120, I feel, is within reach. The 160kg deadlift might be slightly harder. I realise I do not keep scapular retraction, and back might be rounding slightly. I will proceed anyway. Much will depend on the coming weeks, and how I transition from 3×10 to a lower rep scheme to avoid burnout. Am hoping to transition ultimately to a 3×5. This cycle began about february and it will be interesting to see whether I can drag this 3 more months to september, or even december. If so, I cannot imagine what the numbers would be, although I am sure that they would be impressive. After 8 years, it’s time to get some good numbers.

Have recently added the third back movement, the pendlay row, and the bicep curl. My arms are definitely lagging behind and I have never added curls for a long while because of my focus on core compound movements. But since I am trying to gain weight, it is ideal to add a curl to take advantage of this. I have also split up my routine, so there is more time a workout for new exercises.

A typical day diet wise is:
4pm: 3/4 cup brown rice, 4 eggs, dinner at grandma’s place.
9pm: 3/4 cup brown rice, 1 can of tuna, 250g chicken breast, 3 eggs. Wash down with 1-1.5litres milk.
200g vegetables, trying to increase to 400g.

some fruits, 100g flax seeds.

Was practicing Intermittent Fasting, but have decided to end that so that I can consume the vegetables first thing in the day, as vegetables tend not to get eaten the longer the day proceeds.

I am really proceeding on auto-pilot. Let’s not overthink this. Get in, finish the job, and rock on! Words to live by, surely.


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