22nd March 2008

I like this poem of Jeff’s. I wanted to be a policeman too when I was a kid. I remember in primary school, there were these worksheets with the top half blank and the bottom half for, what, 30, 50 word compositions? The top half of course I drew a policeman and got to colour it too. I really identified with this poem, what I’ve felt before and am going through still. Its nice to have your feelings expressed by someone else, its magical.

22nd March 2008

For those of you
who like me
were born in 1983,
it’s already 2008!

How does time
still manage to fly
when everyday
I feel that
my life is bolted to the
firm and solid earth
as though under some
restraining order,
told to put off living
until the truly important things
are accomplished –
studies, career, wealth?

What happened to 1988,
five years old,
I dreamt of becoming a policeman,
like so many other young boys
without trees to climb?
And 1998,
all of fifteen
and caught up in
adolescent rebellion,
I wanted to become a
rock guitar player,
because at fifteen
almost everything
is still possible?

Why is it that
when today arrived
ten years later
I still find myself
putting off
to yet another tomorrow
my accumulated
ambitions and aspirations?
Will I really be older and
wiser, more established,
more secure?

The clocks keep spinning
and the world turns away.


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