I think my friend might soon be a published author

My god, I am totally impressed with a friend of mine who intends to publish by christmas a whole bunch of poems he’s been working on for a year. He also intends to write something on his blog every day. It makes for heavy reading, but the discipline to write everyday, and something substantial, not fluff, is inspiring. With that kind of discipline, Nanowrimo wouldn’t be a problem at all. I feel like putting pen to paper. Actually, ever since those days of GP and Mrs Koh, how I dreaded those formulaic essays, I’ve never written seriously on paper, except in my diary which I suspect I will never exhaust even when I die. Oh wait, I’m forgetting NUS exam essays like Critical Thinking and Writing, and god forbid, Human Factors. (the 15 mark Engineering Professionalism question probably warranted an essay) Good riddance.

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