A dog, a guitar, a pick, and a song

No one else is at home other than the dog. I finally have the entire house to myself and the house is reverting to chaos. Newspapers are strewn across the living room table, shirts flung across chairs, the socks from Wednesday still lying on the floor, a C2 rower beside the computer, guitar tabs piled on the computer table, two guitars lying proudly about. I wake up around 9 – obligation – and as I walk out of the room, my dog looks at me expectantly, needily. I take out the diced broccoli and carrots from the fridge, add some ground flax to it, and put it in the dish, taking care to lift his ears as he eats.

Chapter 9 – Politics as a value allocation process. Something about the elite, the understructure and the mass. Does Singapore have an elite that makes all the political decisions and gets most of the benefits from those decisions? Whatever, I can’t read any more pages today.

Leafing through the Recruit section, I see something interesting from EDB. A one year attachment with LucasFilm in California. I tear out the page. Print the form, start writing in block letters. What is my mom’s IC number? The phone rings. It’s my mother calling from Prague, so I ask her what her number is.

My aunt knocks on the door to get Snoopy to come down, where my relatives will probably feed him stuff. Downstairs my uncle asks me what I’m up to. He means to ask why I’d rather take less than what a Senior Prison Officer would get. Because it’s not just about the money, right?


Back home, back to the guitar. I start playing David Cook’s Always Be My Baby. Its in Eb tuning, so I turn the pegs but end up breaking a string. Great. Off to TM to get a set of strings. Coming back, I get my Chang Beer Singlet from Hong. I can’t find the pliers at home so I restring the guitar at my grandma’s place and play a few songs downstairs. I’ll need to add more songs to my repertoire.

At home, more playing. David Cook, 蔡旻佑, Avril Lavigne. Cheryl requested 关怀方式, but that’s so syrupy, I would choke. Mostly David Cook. Just mindless chord strumming and singing along. I really want to get some formal lessons to learn more about theory and not get caught in a rut of tab reading.

Would it be more fun to learn the piano, or the guitar? I caught a Korean rom-com on channel U, Windstruck. At least it started light, but it became, I became very emotional towards the end. I loved the part where she played Gymnopedie.


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