The final SDP presentation’s on monday, after which school will really be out. There’s the small matter of getting a job after that, and I’m still apprehensive about that. A job sounds like pure drudgery, unless your company is like razr in chai chee industrial park. Relaxed lunch hours, pinball machines, office wear not required — sounds like fun. Just like the salsa classes I’ve been taking. I started on a whim, the train doors were open at City Hall and I was still wondering whether to head for millenia walk or not, what with school and all. I’m also kind of interested in Lindy. I love my CYC shirt because it fits just right. I’ve been reading a book I got from the co-op for 50 cents. "Practices of Looking – Introduction to Visual Culture". It’s about images in culture. Its really fascinating because come to think of it, I could tie writing, shirts and training with the ideas I’ve been reading about. They all involve images and their interpretation.  I am so looking forward to Salsa 2 and Yenling’s standing invitation, though that will have to wait till I get better.

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