deep inside of you

At 3 am, I passed Tanah Merah MRT, and the bus stop reminded me of the times we would meet up here for Eugene to drive us to UPS at Changi Industrial Park. As I ran past the nursery, How’s it going to be came on on the player.

Semi-Charmed Life, by Three Eyes Blind.
What did you say?
It’s Third Eye Blind lah.

Past Simpang Bedok, there were many people having their pratas on my right. On the left, a less popular stall. Never Let You Go came on.

Walking barefoot back to class after soccer. The road’s too hot, and I have to walk on the lines on the road. It becomes some sort of game, tracing a path along the white paint, trying not to step on the asphalt.

I run past Tanah Merah Crest, into the HDB flats. There’s a wake being held at the void deck. Closer towards Avenue 4, and I see another wake being held. When I die, just burn me up and throw me into the sea. Semi-Charmed Life comes on, but it’s the demo version. I switch to the more familiar, upbeat one.

Third Eye Blind are still playing, and maybe people still thread gingerly on those lines on the road.


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