travel writing and bliss

Life had this article on some travel writer and the tips he had for aspiring travel writers. I found some of them inspiring. 1 was about doing a year of research before getting there. 2 was travelling alone. If you travel with somebody of your own culture, it creates a bubble of your own culture, and you ask your friend, isn’t it funny out there? If you are on your own, you are the funny one. 3. Travel light. 4. talk to people. 5 write everything down as soon as possible. You always think that you will remember what happened, but you won’t You can remember in general what the person said, but you won’t remember the particular expression he used.

Good writing has detail, not generalities. Good writing has observations of little things that we take for granted that reveal some truth. Travelling on my own for a year? That sounds scary exciting.

Life also has something on Maggie Cheung. "It’s amazing to live as you wish. You are able to plan your day and do whatever you want." "It’s not that I want to become a singer, but I am working with… music. I walk into the studio and hang out, make up some songs and I write some lyrics. I do some tunes on the computer with my own programming."

She sounds happy, and although I wouldn’t necessarily want to do the things she does, I would love to have that state of mind. You can’t force it. I might wake up feeling ridiculously good but then something comes along to unsettle me and I come down again.


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