hey this is joseph the lead singer from seventh day slumber
i want to tell you a little bit about where i came from
this should not be confused with who i am
i used to be a cocaine addict
i’m not talking about a line here and there
i’m talking about being sold out to cocaine
walled in a prison of condemnation
there were times when i even thought about taking my very own life
i didn’t know peace
i looked for happiness and I had no hope
and i spent a lot of time wasting away in drug rehab, jails and institutions
but nothing made an impact on me
one night i was getting high
partying with some friends of mine
and i did so much coke, I couldn’t hardly see straight
i ended up coming back to my mother’s house and i went to the refrigerator, grabbed a beer and i started drinking
and i felt this pain shoot through my left arm and i started feeling my heart beating
faster and faster and i ended up overdosing on cocaine on my living room floor in front of my mother
and she was crying and she grabbed the phone and she called the paramedics
and they came on out and while they were on their way she was crying right there while i was on the floor
and i remember wanting to speak to her and all i could think about was saying mom i’m sorry
please forgive me but i couldn’t get the words out the ambulance got there and while in the ambulance i was coming back and forth in and out
i remember thinking about where i would go if i were to pass away
i didn’t really believe in god or any of that
i remembered saying you know if there’s a god if there’s a jesus could you please save me
he did and i was in a hospital bed and a guy came in there
his name was …
and he walked in and he looked like a blond haired blue eyed ah politician kind of but
i judged him when he walked in i was had dreadlocks and i was stinky and everything else but he started telling me about his life
and tears came out of my eyes because he had had a hard life and
i judged the book by its cover but as i listened to him further he started telling me about a man named jesus
and i listened and it was more than just a cute little bible story at this point
he talked about a man who took nails in his hands and nails in his feet for me
and he took a crown of thorns shoved into his head with blood dripping down from his eyes mixed with tears
and he told me about this now he died just to set me free so i wouldn’t have to feel the way that i was feeling
i officially gave my life to jesus that day and my life has never been the same since
i want you to know that if you’re out there and you’re just lonely right now or you’re just going through some pain something’s happening to your life and you
need help i want you to know that there’s a god out there who cares about you right now and wants to wants to pull you through this
someone you can draw strength from
listen all you have to do is just bow your head right now
say this prayer after me
say what i say but
mean what you mean
say it from your heart
here we go say
father i need you right now i need you lord i’m asking for forgiveness for the sins i did knowingly and the sins i did unknowingly i repent i know that repent means to turn away and i do that right now i don’t want to live the same life that i did before i want a different life i want to be able to call on you lord and for you to hear me and answer my cries lord jesus i believe that you died for me and rose again i believe that you’re seated on the right hand of the father were you alive today come into my heart fill me make me whole make me a new creation like your promises i make you lord of my life cover me with your blood in jesus name i pray amen

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