Nicely furnished interiors, and other random stuff

There was an article yesterday and today about how poor families in Singapore have been dealing with the rising cost of living. I read these articles like I read any other article in the newspaper, with a passing interest. As a human being, am I obliged to do something for them, or for society? No, I do not feel that way. At the same time, when I see pictures of nicely furnished home interiors in Life, they do not bother me. But when I see these same things in blogs of friends or even of friends of friends, it hits me with a different force.I begin wondering what it would be like living in luxury.

I don’t think SEP changed me. Got a nice bookmark though.        

Oh, if my future self is reading this, remember that you feel a lot better if you keep regular sleeping hours and keep a regular routine. Sleeping in the day really makes me feel far removed from myself. Then again it could be the fyp and not the sleeping hours that are to blame.

I am back doing the foundation routine again. I really have been CRC’ing ever since Davis. I hope eventually to settle down to a mix of crossfit and foundation. Let’s make this work, fingers crossed.

A maybe to watch, Romero’s latest movie in his dead series, diary of the dead.

Diablo Cody is a stripper who won best screenwriter for Juno! Love the tattoo. That would be an interesting career fair booth. What prospects do you have in this industry? Well, with enough experience, you can go on to win an academy award.


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