novel idea

Ok, writing novels wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. How would I ever flesh out characters as complex and perverse as Patrick Bateman? Who is normal? Everyone has some thing, some deep dark secret, something that makes them interesting. Why are novels interesting. When I was in sec school and reading stuff like the belgariad, it was all about plot, plot, plot. Eddings writes very simply and he’s talked about his cookie cutter approach to fantasy. Take some races, model them after actual nations. Have a hero on a quest. Without a quest there is no story. Have a mentor figure. You’re all set. Admittedly, there’s some characterization, you have to have character in any story, but at 16, a novel for me was all about plot, plot, plot. What is going to happen to X? But lately, I think I’m beginning to get characters. What is a character’s motivation, why is he so sick? There’s a kind of gratification at teasing apart the motives behind a character’s actions. But it is also tiring, and admittedly, I still read novels for plots. I always rush through a novel, and I tell myself I’ll analyze it when I finish, but I never get around to doing it. I’ve been reading the sea of fertility, and its main attraction for me is because of its author, Yukio Mishima. My reasoning is that Mishima finished the last book of the sea of fertility on the day he killed himself, so the sea of fertility must be interesting reading. I think I have it. I’ll have some guy trying to kill himself. He’ll think about all these fantastic ways to die, and he’ll finally suceed. Kind of like saw, only it’s self-inflicted. And when he’s trying to kill himself, he’ll have all these flashbacks, which will hint at why he’s trying to kill himself. November is nanowrimo month. I wonder if november will always be a month that reminds me of broken promises.
I’ve fallen into the habit of using italics ever since I started writing here.

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