What begats 4 entires? A situation where one is stuck in the IBM lab with nothing to do but write. I’m always bitching about my fyp but a few months from now, will I be bitching about work. That would be so boring, what can I complain about that would be interesting? I asked yong about his edb interview and he said there were the typical questions, such as," describe yourself" I am 25, that makes about 50 years before I die. That would be interesting. It’s intersting to observe the mannerisms of others. In acting class, they called it a tic. And it’s really obvious the tics that actors add in bad acting. There’s the overused, propping up of glasses that are slipping down your nose to exude a nerdish vibe. As I am writing this lizi is twirling her hair. Interesting. What other tics do people have? I can’t really think of one as distinctive as hers. Maybe zhengtong’s bowing, but that’s not really a tic.

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