I would be blogging about painting except that I cancelled

Nothing much to report today, except that I cancelled on my cousin who asked me to paint his place, and I also cancelled a sunday lunch, because Automod beckons me, and I feel that I cannot do anything else until I get this off my back. Even crossfit. I have this annoying habit of promising people and then changing my mind. In fact, I feel like cancelling golf. For 200+++ I could get elite rings, and for a bit more, parallettes too. And if I gave up on buying CNY clothes, a wall ball. And for a birthday present, a kettlebell. Let’s see, and for the future, an eleiko competition barbell, maybe a GHR set up. Will this ever cease? There’s also LASIK somewhere in that cluttered mess of wants, and a fender, and oh forget it.

A few days back, I caught myself talking about household chores and steaming irons. No, its not time to graduate and iron my clothes yet. And I also read about ladder theory on a friend’s blog. Interesting.


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