hard work

hard work is the refuge of people who have nothing whatever to do

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde has all these wonderful epigrams for slackers, hedonists, unconventionals. Epigrams that wouldn’t do for a hardworking Singaporean who duly ekes out his existence. It would be interesting to compare Dorian Gray and Kiyaoki. Who would you rather be, Honda, a judge, the embodiment of logic, surveying the throes and frailty of human passions while dispassionately dispensing the law, or Kiyaoki, mayfly, privileged by birth, intensely beautiful, aloof. Or Mishima, he represents a bit of both I think. I should get back to runaway horses instead of zoning out on the train. Another one I can’t resist: I never put off till tomorrow what I can do the day after


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