hysterical laughter is

when you slow down the simulation clock to prolong your suspense as it counts down to the 20th minute, at which either a pallet runner or a forklift should travel to the outstage location point to transport the pallet there to the bay. But will it do so? Before correcting your code, both MHE’s had moved in before the 20th minute. But now as it passes the 17 minute mark and both are still, you can taste victory, but you dare not hope. You’ve already spent the better part of the night fixing your misbehaving MHE. It’s already time to leave for school, and this is almost your last chance to fix it. You’re on the precipice, like those hordes before the 300 Spartans. The 20th minute, no earlier or later, to demonstrate that the MHE’s ship pallets from outstage2 by EDD. And when they do as they’re told, you laugh hysterically.

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