chocolate clafoutis with caramelized oranges

So it was late at night, I was at my customary position before the computer, my table had a mess of papers on it, and I was doing anything other than working. I also had to look for a recipe for the potluck cum Christmas Eve bbq, so I began to look about on Jamie Oliver’s website for anything extravagant to do. There was chocolate clafoutis with caramelized oranges. It sounded exciting, there weren’t any exotic ingredients that I might have trouble finding in a supermarket, it looked reasonably challenging, so I put it down as a possible. I thought about pesto, but pine nuts would be hard to find, and I thought about what I could do with Pesto, maybe a salad with some linguine, like what Floris did? Maybe farfalle with carbonara and spring peas? It sounded exotic (farfalle), yet familiar (carbonara, i’d done that before) and manageable (spring peas) and it even called for pancetta ham. I could imagine myself brusquely tossing it into the pasta, just like Jamie. But maybe a pasta would be too mundane, I mean, everyone’s heard of pasta, but how about moroccan style broad bean salad with crunchy bits? But just what was a broad bean, and could I find it? I might sub edamame for it, but compromising made me uncomfortable. I looked over every recipe, and even considered doing a turkey, which sounds even more challenging than the croissants I made, that involving umpteen folding and waiting and folding and waiting. I agonized for two hours considering every recipe before falling back on the 饭团 that I’d made for the bbq before. That was boring since I’d already done that, but I also decided to do kai bi! I found out that kai bi actually means ribs, but you can also have bulgogi, which is just strips of beef grilled and wrapped in lettuce. So really, I was going to do bulgogi. And bulgogi isn’t complete without ssamjang. Down at the korean supermart in cine, they have these pastes in plastic tubs, there’s the red one, green one, a brown one, and a dark brown one. The red one’s chili, the rest are all soya bean but I don’t know what distinguishes them, and then there’s some that are specially for grilled meats, a mix of chilli and soybean – ssamjang. And a tip of the hat to safeway, specifically, that pamphlet on vegetables for grilling, I also got zucchinni to grill. Cut it into two halves, no more, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and it’s ready to burn. I entertained grilling peaches for a brief moment but thought better of it. Okayy, maybe for my next baking project, I’ll really do that clafoutis thingy. Whatever else is being brought for potluck, nothing would ever have trumped clafoutis, or sounded better.

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