Spring Snow

Features proper to a man of action had become blurred by the ravages of indolent living that spread beneath his skin.

It’s fascinating to look at people and pass summary judgment on who they are. A lifetime of transgressions laid bare for all to see.

With unearthly clarity he saw her eyes there in the moon, those splendid large eyes which he had seen so disconcertingly close to his own.

Kiyaoki’s attraction to Satoko is complex. Kiyaoki instinctively rejects anyone who shows him affection, not that Satoko has shown him any. Her games taunt him, but he takes care to show his indifference while keeping his turmoil hidden from Honda. Why would Kiyaoki then send a letter of scorn to Satoko to humiliate her and with the aim of ending their friendship, only to change his mind later because he wishes to show her off to the Siamese princes. Probably because that is its nature: serious vanity, misshapen chaos of well seeming forms.


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