Last night, a familiar nervousness came over me. I lay restless on bed, wondering how I would ever get through tomorrow. 

The first thing they threw at me was a thick stack of papers, a report to write in under 2 hours, and a briefing and Q&A session. Then, it was a battle of wills as I negotiated a contract. I fumbled through it. After which there was a debate, my team of 3 against another. I tried to make myself heard, although I thought the other two working adults in my team stood out with their eagerness to contribute to the discussion. The three ladies in the opposing team were recent graduates. I was the only student. They were also surprised to find out I was an engineer. Yeah, I get them sometimes. Then there was an administrative exercise with surprising similarities to OR. Finally a closing interview, when I relaxed and pretty much spoke my mind. Time to pray.

Surely, $90,000 is merely a drop to Singapore. I don’t understand your hesitance.


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