I will follow

I will follow
artist: James Taylor (Live, 1993)Drifting like a cloud in the sky
I can see myself from high above

Till at last it’s your time to rise, rise
True believer that I am
I am blind, lead me on (lead me on)
Blessed receiver of your love
I own my own time
And I’ve been holding on (holding on)
Leave the word unspoken
And the spell will not be broken
And I’m bound to follow, now (Follow love)
I know I must go (Follow love)
I must follow (Follow love)
Yes, I must follow (Follow love)

(At this point, I’m swaying my head from side to side and synching along. I close my eyes, press the earphone against my ear. I will follow!)

Someone to hold my hand (Follow love)
Somebody to lead me on(Follow love)
Somebody to walk beside me (Follow love)
Someone to follow me now (Follow love)
I must follow love (Follow love)

Met Yap today, the meeting went better than the previous one, when I didn’t have a clue. At this meeting, I could look him in the eye at least, even if for a while only. After the meeting, I felt that I knew where I was going. He asked how work was coming along, and I told him FYP was hanging like a cloud over me. The mood was more convivial than before. I told him about how I thought Alvin was destined to be a banker, because who the hell studies credit card benefits for fun? and I told him about our SDP. I told him what we were doing, and he said there was something wrong with it, but I had no idea what he was talking about.

And do you know what you want you’re going to do, he asked. I was puzzled, yes, of course I know what I want to do for my FYP, you’ve just finished telling me what I should do. I looked at him oddly. No, no, what do you want to do after you graduate? Anything that’s not related to ISE, I told him. And anywhere so long as it isn’t Singapore. I told him I went for the MFA interview. He asked if he could come over and visit if I got the job. Of course, how to say cannot? He laughed.

I think its irrational exuberance. I went back and put James Taylor on. Yes, I will follow, if only for an afternoon, I forgot that I had work to do.


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