In a continuum (track 8) kind of mood,

I think John Mayer’s Slow Dancing in a Burning Room has become inextricably linked to my later memories of Pacifico, during that void between when fall quarter had ended and when I was waiting to go to San Francisco. There was a week or two left and nothing to do, and what was worse, C building became emptier and emptier as everyone else began to leave for home. The Singaporeans left first with Floris. We had a goodbye hug. Then Jin Kyu left for home, but not before leaving a bottle of protein powder which I took. I happily discovered some vegetarian wontons on the first floor fridge with JK initialled on it, so I took those too, happy to be able to eat them, but sad too that I could take it without asking. Then it was Youngju, she left behind a humongous 1kg pack of Korean chili, some of which I used for my microwave meals of chicken and rice. She left behind the acting textbook, so I went to the secondhand bookstore off campus to sell it for 10 bucks. Then it was Yoorah. Then the other koreans. Of the conversation we had during that farewell dinner, I only remember them saying that Ben and Jerry’s wasn’t popular in Korea because the Korean preference is for less sweet ice cream. They prefer subtle flavours like green tea instead of cookie chunks and chocolate swirls. With everyone gone, a kind of mind-numbing lethargy descended onto floor 2 of C Building. The sun rose and set, I ate and watched movies on my laptop, the monotony was only broken by ben&jerry/donut raids to safeway.

Its fascinating to imagine these people who were once connected in Davis, but now spread about the globe leading their own lives. Where are they doing now as I write this? I suppose the same could be said of the friends I’ve lost contact with in Singapore, but the sheer miles involved for the Davis set makes the separation more epic, more romantic. Floris wanted to meet in Istanbul, in what, five, ten years?

So Eugene asked me, or rather, put a question to all of us: "Where will
you be in five years?" Well, I’ll try to blog an answer in five years.

Nanowrimo is a month away but I think I’ll pass for this year at least. I began writing in earnest after 4 July, but I lost it. Time really makes the difference.

Most interesting news tidbit I chanced across this week: Robert Jordan has died. After years of joking that about his death, he has really gone on to do the deed. Pan was right.

Which brings me back to that Davis coffeeshop with a breakfast burrito and Selina. She said she didn’t read WoT, but rather Pullman’s Dark Materials. I got caught referring to Sidney Sheldon as a she.


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