fashionably late

Two ways you can be late and entertaining at the same time. Either knock on the door, come in apologetically, your body hunched politely, nod to the lecturer in a half bow, gently, painfully slow the door as it swings itself to a close. Or you can stride in, you could care less about the door, say "hi" to the lecturer.

I withdraw.
fall back
where before
was my call

Suddenly, I've been listening to Jars of Clay, not their latest album, but their first one. It reminds me of
the first of my two disastrous public performances, "Flood" being the first among them. Samuel (the pilot)
somehow cajoled all of us into playing.

I remember looking wondrously at Samuel (the prefect, not the pilot) playing more than words and thinking to
myself that I should learn to play it one day. Well I did, I've been learning it and forgetting it and
re-learning it, its like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with some of it getting taken apart every now and
then, but I'm putting everything together, maybe even the solo at the end. Maybe it'll take another 5 years to
learn extreme's anthem in its entirety.

Note: Alternate tuning, tune guitar to open "E" - EABEBE. (from EADGBE)
Capo 3rd: (open G)

The Chords: (numbered from the capo)
G Am*
(020000) (202020)
C Cm*
(x02000) (x01010)


Opening lick: (just the order, not the rythm)
Part 1: Part 2:
(repeat P2 throughout verse)

Don't try to reach me, I'm already dead
The pain when it grips me, for things that I've done


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