listening to: Rie Fu – 2cmI am so stuffed, I feel like I have digestives, neopolitan ice cream with chocolate sauce, 4 slices of toast (one of which is the end of the loaf, the one that’s white on one side and brown on the other), a ghiradelli chocolate square (caramelized almonds) and two chocolate truffles in me. So stuffed, I can’t sit straight and have to lie back against the seat rest while reading blogs.

Two and a half weeks to school.


4 thoughts on “stuffed

  1. Hey how\’s going? U still got photo with me, but i couldn\’t send to your e mail, the files are too big, i\’ll give u when i back to singpaore, take care. Michael 

  2. the food sounds tasty:) you know I used to always kept some digestion pills at hand, in case I got stuffed.. I tended to guzzle down everything once I open up a package.. sigh

  3. Hey Athery. Yes, I know the feeling. In my last days in America, I went to Safeway, bought a dozen donuts and a tub or two of Ben and Jerry\’s. Mmmm. It\’s good NTUC doesn\’t sell donuts and cheap Ben and Jerry\’s and isn\’t open 24 hours.

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