never let me go

I’ve been reading this bit by bit each day. Sometimes I imagine that I’ll be able to finish the book in one sitting when i pick it up, but I always end up reading a bit and saving the rest for another day. I like how Kazuo Ishiguro describes the complexity of human relationships in the interactions of Kathy with Ruth and Tommy. Sometimes I think I identify with the rows, the falling out and making up, the unsaid words that are still understood. I get this feeling of darkness that only gets stronger as the book nears its end. It seems Kathy must meet her inevitable fate, can there be any other?

What does Kathy want? What prevents her from getting what she wants? So far, it only seems Kathy has been reminiscing about her past, maybe she wants to escape from her fate, or at least find comfort in her past, when there is none in her future. I don’t know if she draws any comfort from her memories, maybe not reconciling with Ruth has always made her unhappy at some level and she wants to tie that up before she completes. Hah, that’s Kazuo speak for you.


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